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CERTIFIED  MEDICAL EXAM - Fresno Ca. DOT Medical Exam and Drug Testing
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DOT Drug Testing
Making sure your company is Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMCSR) 49 CFR Part 382 is a mandatory challenge that your company must comply. Failure to do so can result in outrageous fines, penalties, and liability. It is difficult to have a specialist in every area within your company and outsourcing some of these regulation specific areas you can rest assured that your efforts meet the most up to date rules and regulations. Outsource your drug and alcohol management program to the specialists at Trucker Exam and let us be your consortium / third party administrators (C/TPA).

Trucker Exam Inc uses the Quest Diagnostics Network of Collection sites, the largest network in the USA. Thousands of locations to choose from means you're never far away from a collection site.
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  • DOT/NRC Urine Drug or, DOT/NRC Breath Alcohol (if a breath test is required)
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