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      DOT Physical , Physical Exam              FMSCA Certified CDL Medical Exam   
DOT Medical Exam, CDL Physical Exam,                      DOT Physical Exam ,CDL Exam 

Trucker Exam is one of the oldest facilities(1994) doing DOT Physicals for several large and small trucking companies. Trucker Exam has Lonney Edwards,DC  as the Certified DOT Medical Examiners(9789299724) j 

  Services Offered by Trucker Exam Inc :
      DOT/CDL Medical Exam for DMV
Trucker Exam inc., our DOT medical  Exammiers will perform a DOT physical exam and give you the medical examiner certification for:
  • New Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for truck drivers driving trucks and school bus drivers .
  • CA taxi and limousine drivers (Ca PUC)
  • Renewal of existing  Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

  • DOT Physical Exam for commercial drivers (CDL Physical Exam)
  • School Bus Driver Physicals
  • School Pupil Activity Bus Driver Physicals
  • Youth Bus Driver Physicals
  • General Public Para transit Transit Vehicle Driver Physicals
  • DOT and Non-DOT Drug Testing
  • Cost-Effective Home Sleep Apnea Testing  
  •      DOT Exam-DOT Drug Testing-DOT Testing Program 
  • Oûr Staff speak English and Spanish
     Trucker Exam mobile medical unit is at a new location

CDL Physical Examination          
                6639 N Parkway Dr. Fresno, CA ·93722  

       Hours: Mon.-Thr. 8-2 Fri. 9-12 winter hours