DOT Medical Exam - Mobile Services - Fresno, CA
CERTIFIED  MEDICAL EXAM - Fresno Ca. DOT Medical Exam and Drug Testing
Trucker Exam Inc℠ (TEI ) now offers affordable on-site mobile drug screen collection services in Fresno County and surrounding areas. Collectors are based in the Fresno, California (Five countries).
Call 559-431-2648 now to schedule a mobile on-site collection. 

The  Travel Medicine Clinic can do  laboratory testing and diagnostic testing for your physical such
  • Laboratory Testing
  • DOT Medical Exam
  •  Hearing Testing
  • Vision Screening
  • Lab Tests
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing: We can perform   Hair testing
  •  Spirometry (Pulmonary Function Testing) screen, Chest and Sleep Study Testing Available
    Mobile testing solutions are attractive to clients for several reasons:
  • They reduce production downtime and wage loss.
  • They limit opportunities for test cheating.
  • They reduce the liability a company may incur when they require an employee to travel to a testing site.
  • They allow convenient scheduling of workforce testing during work hours.
  • They let companies easily schedule random testing to meet compliance needs.
  • TEI on-site testing services include:
                      10-person collection minimum
  • Suitable restroom/portable toilet on your job site where the collection process can be conducted
  • Mobile collections must be scheduled in advance
  • TEI on-site testing services include:
    • Employee Intake: Drug Testing
    • Medical Services: RN,
    • Training: Supervisor Training and Safety Orientation
 Mobile CDL Medical Exam:
Trucker Exam Inc. officials unveiled the new Mobile CDL Medical Exam and Drug Testing, the first vehicle of its kind to go to transportation companies to do certified CDL Medical exam.
The 34-foot long custom-built vehicle has one private exam rooms, a and a waiting area.

One to two employees will staff the vehicle, which will serve transportation industry of California and offer blood pressure checks, diabetes tests, CDL Medical Exam, Sleep Apnea and Drug Testing.

“We’re so excited that we can actually bring care out to the truck companies,” TEI (CEO) Lon Edwards said at the unveiling. “It’s our effort to get outside the walls of the Medical Office.”
To book the unit for CDL Medical Exam or Drug Testing or to find out its schedule, contact Omega Martinez RN at (559) 431-2648.
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