DOT Medical Exam - Sleep Apnea Testing - Fresno, CA
CERTIFIED  MEDICAL EXAM - Fresno Ca. DOT Medical Exam and Drug Testing
                 Truck Drivers Only
    If your certified FMCSA doctor has recommended you take a sleep apnea test, or if you have taken your DOT certified exam and were told you need a sleep apnea test, call 559.431.2648 
Truck Driver Sleep Disorders Sleep Center can help you evaluate the common sleep disorders get for sleep apnea :

Includes home Sleep Apnea testing, diagnosis, and documentation for your  DOT Medical Examiner.

  Testing, Diagnosis, & Documentation and reports.

If your test shows you do not have sleep apnea, we will send proof to your DOT Medical Examiner, which they can use to clear you of sleep apnea.
         $50.00 for Doctor Order
       $250.00 for Home Study Tests and report 
       $850.00 for C-Pap Machine if needed
  RN - Support for Drivers   
  MD -Home Sleep Testing and Support 
  CPAP Equipment ( credit cards available)
  FMCSA -Annual Compliance Monitoring  Report  ( C-Pap Only)
  MD -Confidential Steep studies Reporting

Call us for a free consultation at :
                 Two locations to serve you Fresno CA. & Las Vegas NV. 
                          Fresno Ca.        559.431.2648                        
                          Las Vegas NV.  702.266.6802

       Affiliated with Trucker Exam Inc. Las Vegas, NV. and
                                ApneaMed, LLC  St.George UT
                How our sleep apnea testing program works:

Truck Driver Sleep Disorder Center is a screening office that only will accept truck divers in which The staff does sleep disorders. A Medical doctor that specializes in sleep disorders will The staff will help to coordinate the FMCSA with the sleep disorder report. All information you share with us is strictly confidential. We respect your privacy* Truck Driver Sleep Disorder Center adheres to all HIPPA guidelines and The staff will do a Sleep Apnea screening. If you do not pass the Home study screening, Doctor orders will be prescribed for a C-Pap machine.