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DOT CERTIFIED MEDICAL EXAMS- Dr. Lonney Edwards Doctor of Chiropractic- California

Habla Espanol - 559.431.2648

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We accept walk-ins doing our business hours! You can also call 559.431.2648 to schedule an appointment.

Trucker Exam Inc. provides convenient services for Trucker Drivers and Transportation Company and industries that employ drivers. All Exams are evaluated on CDL Drivers that needs a renewal or newly getting their CDL License.

DOT Hazmat Exams- ERT/First Responder Exams-DMV Exam

DOT Exams - Crane Operator Exams-DOT Physical Exam

Forklift Exams- PGE Exams

Second Opinion DOT Medical exam

Sleep Apnea Exam (Epworth exam)

DOT Drug Testing-Non -DOT Drug Testing-Drug Testing Program

Drug-Free Workplaces

School Drug Testing

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Post-accident Drug testing

Random Drug testing

Mobile Service

Blood Pressure Exam--Diabetes Tests-Lab. Testing-Vision Exam

FMCSA: Interstate 18-Year-Old Military Drivers

Pre-Placement and Fitness for Duty Exam

Return to Work Exam

Worker's Compensation injures of the back (Second Opinion)

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We accept walk-ins doing our business hours! You can also call 559.431.2648 to schedule an appointment.

DOT Exam

 Hours: Monday - Thursday 8-12 Friday 9-12

By appointment only           Book an appointment 

Trucker Exam Inc. (TEI) in Fresno California with the goal to provide Certified CDL physical exams and DOT Drug testing to trucking transportation drivers.  Lonney Edwards DC CME provide services

Note: Doing the afternoon Trucker Exam has a mobile service in which we go to transportation companies.

Driving Directions: 76 Gas Station on 6639 N Parkway DR. Fresno, CA. 93722

Free Truck Parking

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Limo drivers, Farm Labor Exam, Taxi Exam, Bus Driver, Ambulance Driver.


Trucker Exam Inc. has adopted these policies do to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These polices will be in focus until there is a vaccine.

All staff members will be wearing face mast with a medical shield with surgical gloves.

There will be only one drive in the Medical RV.

We are by appointment only.

All paperwork that the driver fills out in their car or truck.

The nurse will call you in when the Doctor is ready for you.

Driver responsibility is to try to keep six feet from all people.

Ability to keep good Hygiene.

Drivers will be seen with minimal risk.

If you are sick with any of the COVID -19 systems, you will not be seen.

Trucker Exam will provide hand sanitation for your hands.

Trucker Exam Inc is following the new normal for doctor offices as set forth by public health department.

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