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1. History of epilepsy (seizure disorder).
2. Diabetes requiring the use of insulin (unless you have an exemption issued by the Federal government). If you don’t meet the minimum vision and hearing standards listed above, even with the help of corrective lenses or a hearing aid) you may be disqualified.
3. If you don’t meet the vision standards or you are using insulin for your diabetes it is also possible to apply for an exemption by going to the Federal Diabetes and Vision Exemption Program at the FMCSA website.
4. Medications: Use of methadone is automatically disqualifying. Use of a narcotic, without a is disqualifying.
5. Loss or impairment of an arm or limb that interferes with commercial driving or tasks related to driving, Unless accompanied by a Skills Performance Certificate (SPE).
A driver with a history of alcoholism is disqualifying.                 

The purpose of the DOT Medical Examination is to determine that the driver has no condition that would interfere with the safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle.

Your Trucker Exam Inc provider will:
Review health history
Perform a urine test
Perform a thorough physical exam
Complete the Medical Examination Certificate
1)Here are some DOT physical tips that can help you be ready and do your best.
2)Don't drink coffee or smoke cigarettes 30 minutes before having your blood pressure measured.
3)Before the test, sit for five minutes with your back supported and your feet flat on the ground. Rest your arm on a table at the level of your heart.
4)Wear short sleeves so your arm is exposed.
5)Go to the bathroom prior to the reading. A full bladder can change your blood pressure reading.
6)Get two readings, taken at least two minutes apart, and average the results.
7)Eyeglasses? Contact lenses? Hearing aid? Whichever you use, bring it with you.
8)Bring a list of your current medications as well as the name and contact number of the doctor who prescribed them.

Supply your Trucker Exam provider with medical records for conditions such as diabetes, cardiac disease, sleep disorders, neurological conditions, etc. If you take medications for pain, psychiatric conditions, attention deficit disorder, or smoking cessation example, bring a letter from your treating doctor. 
Getting your DOT Physical Has Never Been Easier
Yearly clearance letter from Cardiologist or for other chronic conditions may be required before clearance
You must pass all DOT physical requirements in order to be cleared for your CDL medical card.

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