DOT Medical Exam - DOT Medical Exam Review - Fresno, CA
CERTIFIED  MEDICAL EXAM - Fresno Ca. DOT Medical Exam and Drug Testing

                   Trucker Exam Inc
 DOT Medical Evaluation Program
Tucker Exam Inc medical Evaluation Program is responsible for gathering and evaluating the medical information of licensed drivers or applicants for driver licenses who are currently suffering from qualified disabilities that could have an impact on public safety on our highway.
Trucker Exam Inc medical staff reviews medical records and statements from attending physicians and does a Medical exam. Using their knowledge and experience in medicine and DOT medical regulations(Sleep Apnea), they analyze this information and provide a recommendation as to what, if any, restrictions should be placed on a driver license.
 **49 CFR 391.47 Conflict resolution when there is a disagreement between primary care provider for the driver and the company medical provider for the motor carrier concerning driver qualifications.
SPE-Skill Performance Diabetes Exemption Program, and Federal Vision Exemption Program,  Medical Exam, High Blood Apnea, Heart condition, Drinking and Drug problems.