Do the circumstances warrant DOT post-accident tests?
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Do the circumstances warrant DOT post-accident tests?

To maintain high standards of safety and professionalism,commercial drivers are subject to federal regulations outlined by the FederalMotor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which is a part of the U.S. Departmentof Transportation (DOT).
One component of maintaining your Commercial Driver’sLicense (CDL), is complying with the FMCSA’s drug testing regulations via yourcarrier or employer. Below is an overview of how and why carriers in thetrucking industry may use drug and alcohol screening to ensure safety.
When Are Drivers Tested need for a truck accident?
The federal government requires a driver test negative fordrugs prior to employment. If a driver is involved in a certain type ofaccident, the carrier must screen the driver for drugs and alcohol. FMCSArequires random testing throughout the year and when a carrier has a reasonablesuspicion that driver is using drugs or alcohol. If a driver tests positive orrefuses testing, there are federal requirements for follow-up or return-to-dutytests.
Do the circumstances warrant DOT post-accident tests?
Suppose your CDL driver calls in saying there's been anaccident.  Everyone's adrenaline isrunning, and you may have to pry the details out of him or her to determine ifDOT post-accident drug and alcohol testing is required.  The following checklist will aid in decidingyour course of action:
If the driver is in a CMV and if the received a ticket or ifsomeone dies do to the accident you must do a Drug test and Alcohol tests
You cannot test "just in case" circumstanceschange.  This is a misrepresentation of thetest and a violation.
If you conduct testing in "all post-accidentcircumstances" as a matter of company policy, it must be done using anon-DOT form and represented as a non-DOT test to the driver.  The collector must also be aware that it isnot a regulated test.  The drug testresults must be linked to a separate non-DOT lab account for reportingpurposes.  The results of these non-DOTtests hold no DOT consequences.  Inaddition, if circumstances change and a DOT post-accident test is required, thesenon-DOT tests cannot be substituted to satisfy the DOT requirements.  The driver must be sent again for anotherround of tests.

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